Next Generation Treatments

Next Generation TreatmentsThe next generation of hepatitis C treatments is coming. This webpage summarizes these possible hep C treatments, treatments that are currently within the early stages of clinical trials. These treatments may or may not be successfully approved for use and, if they are approved, may take a number of years to do so.

If you are looking for information about hep C treatments further along in the drug approval process, please check out our Hep C Drug Pipeline Treatments page. But, if you are looking for information about currently approved hep C treatments, look for their pages in the drop-down menu under BC’s PharmaCare Covered Treatments or check out our Treatment Coverage Across Canada page.

Treatments in the Early Stages of Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical Companies Treatments Currently Targeted Genotypes
Enanta EDP-494 1,3
Janssen AL-335 + Odalasvir (ACH-3102) + Simeprevir 1-6
Merck MK-2682B* 1-6
*MK-2682B is an experimental treatment regimen made up of MK-3682, grazoprevir, and ruzasvir.

Maker: Enanta

Treatment: EDP-494

Targeted Genotypes: 1, 3

Treatment Description: EDP-494, a cyclophilin inhibitor, targets a patient’s cyclophilin, a protein that is essential for replication of the hep C virus. As it targets different virus elements, it is hoped that it will cure patients resistant to direct-acting antiviral hep C therapies. The plan is to combine it with a DAA. This drug is in phase I clinical trials.

  • EDP-494 +
  • DAA

Steps in Drug Approval Pipeline: Step 1 – Testing

Additional Information:

Maker: Janssen

Treatment: AL-335 + Odalasvir (ACH-3102) + Simeprevir

Targeted Genotype: 1-6

Treatment Description: AL-335 is a nucleotide polymerase inhibitor and odalasvir (ACH-3102) is a NS5A inhibitor. Simeprevir (brand name Galexos) is a NS3/4A protease inhibitors. These inhibitors work by blocking viral enzymes (protease) that enables the hep C virus to survive and replicate in host cells.

  • AL-335 +
  • Odalasvir (ACH-3102) +
  • Simeprevir (brand name Galexos)

Possible Daily Dose: 1 pill

Step in Drug Approval Pipeline: Step 1 – Testing

Additional Information:

Maker: Merck

Treatment: MK-3682B

Possible Targeted Genotypes: 1-6

Potential Combinations:

  • MK-3682 +
  • Grazoprevir (MK-5172) +
  • Ruzasvir +/-
  • Ribavirin

Possible Length of Treatment: 8 – 24 weeks

Possible Daily Dose: 2 pills once daily

Step in Drug Approval Pipeline: Step 1 – Testing

Additional Information:

The information on this website is meant as a resource only and is not intended to replace qualified medical attention. Please seek advise and guidance from your health practitioners when considering your hep C treatment options.