PharmaCare Covered Treatments

BC's PharmaCareGeneral Information

BC’s PharmaCare helps residents of British Columbia with the cost of eligible prescription drugs and certain medical supplies. It provides access to drug therapy through several drug plans.

Although BC has a couple of PharmaCare plans that residents may qualify for—for example, Plan C for those receiving income assistance—most BC residents are covered under Fair PharmaCare. Coverage under this plan is based on your family’s net income. It is available to single people or to families. Register for Fair PharmaCare online. You need to register only once. Your coverage is updated on January 1 of every year based on your current income information.

Limited Coverage Drugs

The treatments listed above are available as limited coverage and non-reference drugs requiring special authority approval under BC’s PharmaCare. Limited coverage drugs are treatments that are generally not considered to be first line therapies or they are treatments that have more cost-effective alternatives.

Limited coverage drugs may also have certain conditions attached to them, such as a liver fibrosis stage F2 or greater. Please talk to your health care provider for more information or to start the treatment process.

Special Authority Access

Limited coverage drugs are accessed via the completion and submission to a review committee of a Special Authority Request form. The form must be completed by a specialist or an experienced physician. If granted, the specialist or experienced physician can write a prescription for the drug/s.

PharmaCare Covered Hep C Treatments

All drug used to treat hepatitis C are considered limited access drugs by PharmaCare. This means all hepatitis C treatments are accessed via a specialist or experienced physician making the Special Authority Request.

PharmaCare options in British Columbia are as follows:

Targeted Genotypes Additional Notes PharmaCare Covered Treatment Options* Possible Lengths of Treatment
1 – 6 Epclusa (sofosbuvir/velpatasvir) 12 weeks
1 These treatments are for those who have OR haven’t already tried treatment. Harvoni is the preferable treatment. Galexos (simeprevir) taken in combination with pegylated interferon with ribavirin (PR) 24 – 48 weeks
Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) taken in combination with pegylated interferon with ribavirin (PR) 12 weeks
Harvoni (ledipasvir and sofosbuvir) 8 – 24 weeks
1, 4 Zepatier (elbasvir and grazoprevir) 12 – 16 weeks
1b Sunvepra (asunaprevir) 24 weeks
2, 3 These treatments are for those who haven’t tried treatment (treatment-naive) AND who don’t have medical reasons against taking interferon. Pegylated interferon with ribavirin (PR) 14 or 24 weeks according to genotype
2, 3 These treatments are for those who are treatment-naive with medical reason against interferon OR are PR treatment- experienced Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) in combination with ribavirin (Ibavyr) 12 weeks for genotype 2
24 weeks for genotype 3
4 – 6 Pegylated interferon with ribavirin 14 or 48 weeks
*Please see Comparing Hep C Treatments or the individual treatment pages for more information about the treatments and how one may be eligible for BC PharmaCare treatment coverage.

Hep C Treatments Not PharmaCare Covered

If you have private health insurance, consult with a representative from the company to find out specific coverage details for hep C treatments. Many insurance companies follow the provincial PharmaCare coverage guidelines and only cover treatments that are PharmaCare approved. But check individual policies for details, as others cover treatments approved for use in Canada.

Our Financial Support page includes information about financial support for those interested in DAA treatments that aren’t covered by PharmaCare. The page lists all of the Canadian financial assistance programs.

Information about Individual Treatments and Coverage

Information about treatments and coverage details can be found following the treatment links within the above table or at Comparing Hep C Treatments.