AbbVie Holkira Pak and Technivie – Product Information Update

Holkira Pak and TechnivieFurther to our blog yesterday Hep C TIP wishes to clarify information regarding Holkira Pak and Technivie:

  • The Health Canada warning does not change how Holkira Pak and Technivie are prescribed in Canada
  • Holkira Pak and Technivie are still available and recommended for hepatitis C treatments for HCV G1 and G4 in Canada (in British Columbia, only Holkira Pak is listed with BC PharmaCare)
  • AbbVie’s current product monograph (description of the drug, who it can be used for and who it cannot be use for, side effects, and warnings) state that both Holkira Pak and Technivie:
    • should not be used in patients with moderate hepatitis impairment (Child-Pugh B) and,
    • is contraindicated in patients with severe hepatic impairment (Child-Pugh C).

At the time of Health Canada’s warning, AbbVie provided information to Hep C TIP regarding the work they would be doing with Health Canada to update their product monographs, stating that AbbVie’s top priority is patient safety.

Pacific Hepatitis C Network believes that people living with hep C and all practitioners (GPs, specialists, nurse practitioners) must understand all of the treatments available and in the approval process for hepatitis C. That understanding is crucial to ensuring the best chance for curing hepatitis C with few or no side effects or long-term impacts from treatment.

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