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Call our Help-4-Hep BC (toll-free and confidential at 1 888 411 7578) with your questions about hepatitis C treatment and anything hep C-related. 

The Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project – Hep C TIP – is your web-based hepatitis C treatment information toolkit for entering into that world and building your understanding about hep C treatment. This resource contains information and resources about hepatitis C treatment, including:

  • Information about currently approved treatments in BC
  • Information about new and emerging drugs and drug combinations for treating hep C
  • Information about the drug approval process in Canada and BC
  • Resources to help in getting ready for treatment, including stories from people who have been treated

Information on this site, including the Drug Pipeline Diagram, is updated whenever something changes, such as when a drug gets federal approval, new drugs enter the pipeline, when we find or create new resources, and other hepatitis C treatment news.

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Contact Us

Please send us any questions, comments or feedback you have that will help make the technical and complex information about hepatitis treatments as accessible as possible.

If you have questions or feedback, or just want to connect, please do so by emailing hepctip@pacfichepc.org or, if you are in BC, you can call our Help-4-Hep BC helpline at 1-888-411-7578.

TIP Advisory Committee

The Hep C TIP was developed and remains informed by people knowledgeable about new hep C treatments – people living with hep C, health care providers, educators, and researchers.

Click on the different drug names listed in the below infographic for more information about them or start your hep C treatment exploration with our Hep C Treatment page.

Contact us at hepctip@pacifichepc.org for more information.

Glecaprevir Janssen Janssen AbbVie Daklinza Gilead AbbVie Sunvepra Gilead Epclusa Zepatier

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