What do you think about The Vancouver Sun article?

The Vancouver SunAn article, entitled ‘Hepatitis C treatment skyrocket after pill-based drugs covered by B.C. plan’ and published by The Vancouver Sun on July 29, 2015, highlighted not only the cost and marketing around hepatitis C treatments, but also the demand for those treatments in BC.

The article began with: “About 1,400 British Columbians have been treated for hepatitis C in the first four months since new anti-viral medications were covered by the province’s public drug plan — far above predictions. The Ministry of Health expected 1,500 patients in the first full year for the pill-based medication.”

The Pacific Hepatitis C Network is ecstatic to hear that so many British Columbians are seeking treatment. However, do we still need a clear strategic plan in BC to ensure that those who need treatment now get it as soon as possible and those waiting for treatment get excellent care and support? We think so!

What about you? What do you think?