Have hep C? Treatment and re-treatment now available!

Anyone feeling freer these days?

Could it be from the fact that even if your liver is healthy you can now access hep C treatment through PharmaCare in BC.


That’s not all!!  The first pan-genotypic treatment (treats all hep C genotypes)  – VOSEVI – is now approved and listed with BC PharmaCare.   VOSEVI treats people with or without cirrhosis and those who have tried treatment in past and either couldn’t complete due to side effects or who didn’t get cured.

Here’s the BC Government official announcement from last week. 

And, we’ve update the hep C treatment page.

Still, if you find yourself searching for hep C help,  you need good information and somewhere to ask your questions. 

Let us help you find answers. Call toll-free: 1-888-411-7578

Your call is completely confidential.

Leave us a message if we don’t answer OR email to help4hepbc@pacifichepc.org to set up a time to talk. 

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