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Relapse, Recurrence, Null & Partial Response/rs: The Basics

Relapse, Recurrence, Null & Partial Response/rs: The BasicsIn hepatitis C and hep C treatment there are three ‘R’s that are big, sad, and scary. They are the bringers of sadness that if doctors, friends, and communities could protect someone from, they would.

The Three ‘R’s of Hepatitis C Treatment

When treatment has been successful but over time the person has been infected with the hepatitis C virus again.

When treatment has been successful but over time the virus has come back.

Null/Non Response/rs & Partial Response/rs
A null response is when treatment doesn’t work to suppress the virus. The viral count of hep C in one’s blood doesn’t decrease. Those with a partial response saw the hep C decrease at week 12 but undesirably high levels of virus in the blood at week 24. Both types of patients went through unsuccessful hep C treatments.

Peer Supports, Support Groups, and Online Forums

Whether hep C patients and/or their supports are facing recurrence, relapse, or non-response, there are a number of support groups and hotlines available to support you and to answer your questions. Also, going online is a great way to find local groups and connect to communities through social media, especially on Facebook.

Additional Information

Small Sampling of Journal Articles and Abstracts
Blog Posts

However, something to note is that this blog post was written a couple of months ago and since then, new and better treatments have become available and are covered by BC PharmaCare.