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To treat or to wait? That may be the question with hep C treatment.

To treat or to wait? That may be the question with hep C treatment.To treat or to wait? Only you and your doctor–and possibly BC PharmaCare–can decide whether you should begin hepatitis C treatment now or wait. However, there are resources that may be able to help you answer that question or to think about the factors one may want to think about when considering treatment for hepatitis C. For example, current state of health, virus genotype, work and family circumstances, as well as financial considerations, may all be factors that can influence if, and when, a person decides to try to treat their hepatitis C.

Basic Facts about Hep C Treatment to Consider

Historically, treatment for hepatitis C has been difficult and long – up to a year. However, even now, when newer treatments boost shorter treatment times (8 – 24 weeks) and much less side effects, patients may still face treatment difficulties. A few patients still find that the new treatments are impossible to complete health-wise or find that treatment is too disruptive, given their current life circumstance or health situation. Therefore, patients still decide, or are advised by their healthcare providers, to delay treatment, even when new treatments are available.

Also–and this one is a big one–one should be aware that even newer, possibly better, hep C treatments are on their way.

Resources Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Treating or Waiting to Treat Hepatitis C

Resources Designed to Help You Talk to Your Doctor

Peer Supports

There are a number of support groups and hotlines available to support you and to answer your questions. Going online is a great way to find local groups and connect to communities through social media, especially on Facebook.

However, one of your best resource when considering whether to treat on not to treat will always be your own healthcare provider or a healthcare provider. They can talk to you about your different health concerns and weigh in on whether they think treatment is right for you while knowing you and your medical history.

To treat or not to treat? That is still a question asked and still one that should be asked.

Please contact us at hepctip@pacifichepc.org or check out our Considering Treatment page for more information.