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Interactive Hep C Treatment Resource

Interactive Hep C Treatment ResourceAn interactive hep C treatment resource, Hepatitis C Treatment OPTIONS: Basic Information for Patients, has been created by Hepatitis Education Canada to prepare folks for what they’ll need to know to have a treatment discussion with a healthcare provider.

The tool works by asking a user to answer 3 multiple-choice questions and then press next. With the answers to the questions, it then lists what treatment options the Canadian Association of the Study of the Liver (CASL) might recommend according to the highest ‘cure’ rates during clinical trials.

The 3 multiple-choice questions asked by the interactive resource are:

  • What is your hepatitis C genotype?
  • Have you ever had hepatitis C treatment?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with cirrhosis?

Before asking these questions, the interactive hep C treatment resource first explains what genotypes, hep C treatments, and liver cirrhosis are with the help of very short videos.

With the answers to the 3 multiple-choice questions, the resource tool then lists the CASL’s top 2015 recommended treatment options. For example, for someone who inputs hep C genotype 1a, treatment experienced, with cirrhosis, the tool lists the treatments Harvoni + Ribavirin (RBV) and Holkira Pak + Ribavirin (RBV) as treatment possibilities. The tool then lists links to more information about the listed treatment options.

The Hepatitis C Treatment OPTIONS: Basic Information for Patients is an easy-to-use, well-designed resource that is mainly intended for those who’ve not yet seen a specialist or don’t have access to one in their area. However, it can be used by anyone! Explore it and learn more about hepatitis C treatments!

Hepatitis Education Canada

Hepatitis Education Canada is a project of Hepatitis Services at the BC Centre for Disease Control with support from the University of British Columbia and the Public Health Agency of Canada.