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Further ResourcesAt the bottom of almost every page of the Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project one can find links to more information about the page’s topic. This page is a collection of all of those links in hopes that it will help you find the information you are looking for. If this or the other pages haven’t helped answer your questions, please email us and we will work to find the answers you want or to help find the resources you need.

Further Treatment Resources

Hepatitis C Treatment OPTIONS: Basic Information for Patients by Hepatitis Education Canada
This interactive tool will provide you with personal hepatitis C treatment recommendations that can be printed for reference or to taken your provider. (Canadian)

Interactive Hep C Treatment Resource

CADTH’s Hepatitis C Treatment Resources
This is a list of links to CADTH’s hep C treatment resources, including all of their treatment recommendations. (Canadian)

CATIE: Getting to know HCV Proteins and Drugs
CATIE’s webpage provides a detailed explanation of new DAAs and how they fight the hep C virus. However, please note the 2013 date of this page. Some of the treatments discussed are no longer in development. (Canadian)

The Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver’s Update on the management of chronic hepatitis C: Consensus guidelines from the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver
While technical, is an excellent source for anyone wanting to dig into current recommendations for hepatitis C management and treatment from Canadian experts. (Canadian)

Hep Magazine
This resource contains a clear description of all hepatitis C treatment drugs and links to news articles about them. (American)

Treatment Action Group’s HCV Drug Pipeline Report
This site reports on the latest HCV developments, studies, and conferences. (American)

BC PharmaCare Hepatitis C Resource Pages

Links and Resources

Canadian Drug Approval Process

Health Canada’s ‘How Drugs are Approved’

British Columbia – Ministry of Health Services Drug Review Process

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health (CADTH)
Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health is the federal agency that oversees the Common Drug Review.

CTAC (formally the Canadian Treatment Action Council) is a non-profit organization, which advocates for improved treatment access for people living with HIV and HCV in Canada. To explain Canada’s treatment approval process, CTAC has a quick video on youtube entitled Approval and Public Listing of Drugs in Canada – The Common Drug Review. CTAC also has other informative webinars about hep C treatments on their Videos page.

 Treatment Coverage Across Canada

The Treatment Map is a comprehensive online tool to empower people living with HIV and HCV to interactively access information on medication treatment options currently available in Canada, as well as medications and new discoveries presently being developed.

Our Comparing Hep C Treatments page compares hep C treatments covered by BC PharmaCare. It includes information about the approved treatments as well as information about their BC PharmaCare coverage.