Epclusa is under review. Send a message to BC PharmaCare.

Epclusa is under review. Send a message to BC PharmaCare.BC PharmaCare Review Questionnaires for Epclusa (Once on the page, scroll down until you see a colourful table. Links to questionnaires for Epclusa input are at the very bottom of the page/colourful table.)

Epclusa (generic name sofosbuvir / velpatasvir) is being considered for BC PharmaCare coverage. As part of this process, hep C patients, caregivers, and patient groups in BC have the opportunity to share their opinions and perspectives about hepatitis C treatments and Epclusa with the decision makers.

If you are interested in grabbing this opportunity, the link above will take you to the questionnaires. The above link will also take you to BC PharmaCare’s Epclusa Information sheet and to information about BC PharmaCare’s approval process.

The questionnaires will ONLY remain open until Wednesday, September 21, AT MIDNIGHT

Adding Your Voice to the BC PharmaCare Coverage Review for Epclusa

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are encouraged to give your input:


Epclusa is the first pan-genotypic hepatitis C treatment* to be approved for use in Canada against all six hep C virus types. It is a short-course (12 weeks), interferon-free, hepatitis C treatment that can be prescribed with or without ribavirin. It is one pill taken once a day. With or without ribavirin, it cured 83-98% of patients in clinical trials, and cured 94% of those with moderate to severe liver cirrhosis.

The Importance of Epclusa

Epclusa, the first hep C pan-genotypic treatment, is important as it has the power to make hep C treatment much easier than it is now. As Dr. Jordan Feld, a liver specialist at Toronto Western Hospital, explained, a treatment that can be used for every virus type “…eliminates the need for [virus type/genotype] testing, which often delayed treatment and can be difficult to access for those living in rural or remote regions of the country….” (Ubelacker, The Canadian Press)

Also, Epclusa is the first treatment for patients with a hep C genotype 2 or 3 infection that doesn’t need ribavirin to achieve best treatment results.

More Information about Epclusa

For even more information, please contact BC PharmaCare’s Your Voice or the Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project.

Take the time to voice your opinion and help advocate for a better tomorrow!

*A pan-genotypic treatment is a treatment able to cure all six of the hep C virus types with high success rates against all six.