World Hepatitis Summit Presentation Slides and Thoughts

World Hepatitis Summit Presentation SlidesWorld Hepatitis Summit presentation slides have just been released online. Topics around hep C treatment range from Treatment and access to drugs to The funding of viral hepatitis to Prevention.

Daryl Luster’s Quote about the World Hepatitis Summit 2015

“The recent World Hepatitis Summit in Scotland gathered people from around the globe; people who are involved in all levels of civil society, governments, science, and medical fields. We were well represented with a strong Canadian delegate presence from across the country.

The take-away message for me and other colleagues attending was that as much as we differ from country to country, we have far more in common in the barriers we face and in the work that we do to address hepatitis C as an important health concern.” –Daryl Luster, PHCN’s president and a member of Action Hepatitis Canada‘s executive, attended the World Hepatitis Summit as a representative for Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC).

World Hepatitis Summit 2015

The World Hepatitis Summit 2015 took place in Glasgow, Scotland, September 2 – 4. Jointly hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), as well as the Scottish Government, the summit gathered over 600 policy makers, patients, and other key stakeholders, from over 90 countries, in Glasgow to garner political and financial commitments required to tackle hepatitis.

Last year, at the Sixty-seventh World Health Assembly, countries from around the world committed to addressing hepatitis by implementing national strategies. They called upon WHO to create a global hepatitis target setting and monitoring system.

This year, the World Hepatitis Summit supported this initiative by creating a space where strategies and best practices could be shared.