World Hepatitis Summit 2015

World Hepatitis Summit 2015

The World Hepatitis Summit 2015 (#Hepatitis2015) in Glasgow, Scotland, is set to take place September 2 – 4 and PHCN is pleased to announce that our president, Daryl Luster, will be there.

The World Hepatitis Summit 2015 is the first conference of its kind to directly address the global burden of viral hepatitis. Jointly hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), as well as the Scottish Government, the summit will gather policy makers, patients, and other key stakeholders in Glasgow to garner political and financial commitments required to tackle hepatitis.

Last year, at the Sixty-seventh World Health Assembly, countries from around the world committed to addressing hepatitis by implementing national strategies. They called upon WHO to create a global hepatitis target setting and monitoring system.

This year, the World Hepatitis Summit will support this initiative by creating a space where strategies and best practices can be shared. The summit will provide the opportunity for governments to learn about WHO’s Global Hepatitis Programme and the progress that has been made towards a target setting and monitoring system. In addition, WHO will present its new toolkit to assist governments in the development and implementation of efforts against hepatitis.

Furthermore, the World Hepatitis Summit 2015 will strive for action and commitment from global funders, the pharmaceutical industry, and other important groups to “make real lasting progress in drastically reducing the burden of viral hepatitis.”

Daryl Luster, PHCN’s president and a member of Action Hepatitis Canada‘s executive, is attending the World Hepatitis Summit as a representative for Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC). In his AHC role, Daryl will present about Action Hepatitis Canada and World Hepatitis Day.

Daryl will also host and present at Action Hepatitis Canada’s luncheon for Canadian summit delegates. During the summit, this luncheon will give Canadian delegates an opportunity to discuss advocacy and ways that Canadian hepatitis advocates can support each other and work together towards improving Canada’s response to hepatitis.

Daryl has also been invited to take part in a consultation hosted by the Medicines Patent Pool. The Medicines Patent Pool is a United Nations-backed organization that aims to lower the prices of HIV medicines and facilitate the development of better-adapted HIV medicines through voluntary licensing and patent pooling. The organization is currently studying the feasibility of expanding its work into the field of hepatitis C and seeking the views of people living with hep C, NGOs, and others.

PHCN wishes Daryl and all of the World Hepatitis Summit 2015 delegates luck as they prepare to meet next week.

“The global burden of viral hepatitis can be overcome only when the world is united in action.” –Charles Gore, WHA President

World Hepatitis Summit