Response to Treatment by Prevention Article

sq_trialsThe Globe and Mail article: B.C. medical researchers offer treatment by prevention for hepatitis C

PHCN recognizes treatment as prevention (TasP) as the strategy of choice for people who use injection/inhalation drugs, who, as a group, have the highest rate of new HCV infections. Treatment as prevention is an approach tailored to meet their specific health needs and we both support and advocate for that approach in all communities of the province.

That idea – specific approaches designed to meet the needs of specific populations – is what is critical in the drive to cure individuals and eradicate hepatitis C in BC.

The gap right now is a clearly thought-out and articulated strategy for reaching out to baby boomers, immigrant populations, and Aboriginal people, and engaging them in care, treatment, and support for hepatitis C. The other half of this picture is the health care system and providers within it. What is the strategy to build capacity – system and providers – to meet this urgent and acute population health demand?