PHCN’s Advocacy Training and Planning Day

Advocacy Training and Planning Day on July 9thPHCN’s Advocacy Training and Planning Day

PHCN held an Advocacy Training and Planning Day on July 9th in Richmond for hepatitis C advocates from around BC.

The Advocacy Training and Planning Day was led by Ryan Clarke of Advocacy Solutions and covered topics from effective advocacy strategies to how to advocate in person and how to effectively tell your own story.

Some tips to keep in mind while telling your own story are to keep your story short, clear, compelling, and to keep your audience in mind. Another tip is to make sure that what you are planning on saying would make sense to a twelve year old boy.

PHCN’s Advocacy Training and Planning Day and Hep C Treatments

Ryan Clarke’s advocacy training included a section about the drug approval processes in Canada as well. Ryan talked about Health Canada, CADTH and Common Drug Reviews, the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance, and PharmaCare and the Drug Benefit Council (DBC). Some of the information discussed is part of TIP’s Approval Process information. Ryan once worked within the government so it was interesting to hear about the process from a different perspective.

PHCN’s Advocacy

One of the jobs PHCN takes seriously is advocating for systems changes that benefit all people living with hep C in BC. To date, most of that work has been done by PHCN Board President, Daryl Luster. In the past year and a half, he has met with many MLAs, presented at two MLA luncheons in Victoria, met with MPs in Ottawa, and presented at local, provincial, and national events (additional information and pictures). This September, Daryl is going to be a delegate at the World Hepatitis Alliance and the World Health Organization’s World Hepatitis Summit 2015 in Glasgow, Scottish!

That’s a lot for one person!

In addition, of course, there are issues specific to each provincial region that need to be addressed and other hepatitis C issues that need advocates. We need skilled and able advocates to continue turning up the volume on our loud strong hep C voice in BC! To help with this, PHCN hosted an Advocacy Training and Planning Day.

PHCN’s Advocacy and Hep C Treatments

For more information about hep C treatment advocacy or to become more involved in hep C advocacy, please contact the Pacific Hepatitis C Network (PHCN).

PHCN's Advocacy
Some of the happy and revving to go hep C advocates with Ryan Clarke from Advocacy Solutions (second from the right).