Requesting Feedback for Patient Input Report Template Changes

Requesting Feedback for Patient Input Report Template ChangesProposed Changes to CADTH’s Template for Patient Group Input to CADTH Common Drug Review and pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (Word document from CADTH)

Between September 12th and October 25th, CADTH is collected feedback from patient groups on proposed revisions to their patient input template. To submit feedback, please use the feedback form and email it to All feedback will be considered and used to help create the final CADTH template, targeted for use in December 2016.

Noticed Changes to the Patient Input Report Template

  • Word limits for answers;
  • Clear table to report how the patient input was gathered;
  • More directly worded questions wanting concise answers;
  • New questions about patient experiences with the treatment in question;
  • 2 pages of questions about patient group conflicts of interest and funding.

More information about these proposed changes and this request for feedback can be found at Feedback on Proposed Revisions to Patient Input Template for CDR and pCODR.

The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)

CADTH is an independent, not-for-profit organization responsible for providing health care decision-makers with objective evidence and recommendations to reimbursement programs, such as BC PharmaCare. Their input helps these programs decide whether or not, or how, to provide reimbursement for health technologies, such as drugs, tests, and surgical devices and procedures. Their reviews are Step 4 in the drug approval process for resources, such as hep C treatments, working towards PharmaCare coverage.