Mr. Luster Goes to Victoria

Mr. Luster Goes to VictoriaCharacters:

Monday, July 21, at the BC Legislative Buildings, Victoria, BC.


Daryl Luster went to Victoria on Monday for a full day of meetings with government officials and was warmly welcomed. He left Victoria feeling that the day included some good discussions and was very worthwhile.

Themes and Topics Discussed During Mr. Daryl Luster’s Meetings:
  • Treatment as prevention (TasP) shouldn’t be considered as the main or only way to change hepatitis C in BC. In the drive to cure individuals and eradicate hepatitis C in BC, strategies against hep C must be specifically designed to meet the needs of specific populations.
  • The impact of baby boomers with hep C on the health system.
  • The opportunity the new medications provided for disease elimination.
  • The need for more resources for awareness, screening, and for a coordinated strategy.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a significant picture. It is significant because it emphasis democracy in action. I consider it a real privilege and a real experience to have played even a minor part.” ~1939 Mr Smith goes to Washington Trailer 

Daryl Luster