The International Liver Congress 2016 Part I

The International Liver Congress 2016 Part IThe International Liver Congress 2016

The International Liver Congress 2016 (#ILC2016), the annual European Association for the Study of the Liver meeting, is taking place this week in Barcelona, Spain. This blog post is a collection of just some of the topics that have already been discussed at The International Liver Congress 2016.

Topics from The International Liver Congress’s Start

Summary: The all-oral combination of sofosbuvir/velpatasvir with GS-9857, a drug in clinical trials, has been found to be safe and effective on patients who have had treatments fail for them. With the treatment, 99% of trial subjects achieved SVR12.

Summary: A discussion about the potential risks and benefits of treating those with late-stage liver disease. Dr Carlos Fernández Carrillo, Liver Unit of Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda University Hospital, Spain, stated that, “The results of our study clearly show that those patients suffering from very advanced liver disease may not obtain benefit from these treatments.”

Summary: The study shows that those with hep C who had been previously cured of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer, had a chance of the cancer returning during or after treating their hep C. Researchers say that more study is required.

Summary: Last year the Portuguese government approved treatment for all of their citizens with hep C. 96% of them experienced sustained virologic response.

Abstracts can be found on the ILC 2016 website.

Press Releases by Pharmaceutical Companies from Barcelona

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