Highlights of a Hep C Advocate’s 2015

Highlights of a Hep C Advocate’s 2015Hep C advocates are essential to bettering the lives of those living with hep C. As we are just about to ring in 2016, the Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project wanted to look back and highlight some of the 2015 work of one of our hep C advocates.

The following is a collection of 2015 articles, events, and resources that Daryl Luster, hep C advocate and president of PHCN, was a part of:

February 5 – 6 — Toronto, Ontario

Advocacy training and advisory board meetings with representatives from the Canadian Liver Foundation, Hemophilia Society, Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC), Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC), HepCBC, as well as other groups from across Canada.

February 10 — Toronto, Ontario
AHC Steering Committee Meeting

Daryl is part of AHC‘s executive. AHC is a group that unites organizations and individuals to focus increased attention on the response to hepatitis B and C.

February 11 – 12 — Toronto, Ontario
A meeting entitled ‘National Deliberative Dialogue on Integrated HCV Programming and Services‘ with CATIE
As part of day two discussions, ‘Addressing Different Realities and Priorities: A Population-Level Discussion’, Daryl presented on the older adult population and participated in a panel discussion.

February 24 — Richmond, British Columbia

A meeting with representatives from UBC’s Faculty of Science regarding PHCN‘s participation in supporting research that impacts the hep C community. Daryl shared his own hep C experience and that of people in the community.

February 24 – 26 — Richmond, British Columbia

PHCN participated in a conference entitled ‘Frontline Support Workers’ Conference‘ put on by Pacific AIDS Network and CATIE.

February 26 – March 1 — Banff, Alberta

AHC‘s executive meeting and CATIE‘s learning institute meetings
The objective of these meetings was to identify key messages and information from a symposium on hep C. Daryl presented on the meeting’s last day.

February 27 — Banff, Alberta

4th Canadian Symposium on HCV
Symposium theme: ‘Strategies to Manage HCV Infection in Canada: Moving Towards a National Action Plan’. Daryl presented in his roles with AHC and PHCN. His talk was entitled ‘The role for Patient Advocacy in building a Canadian HCV action plan‘.

March 12 — Penticton, British Columbia

Penticton’s Healthy Living Fair
Working alongside Kathryn (RN), the Penticton & District Community Resources Society (PDCRS) outreach person for hep C related issues and harm reduction in the district, Daryl spoke to fair attendees and handed out literature about hep C screening and treatment access.

March 23

Daryl was quoted by BC’s Ministry of Health in their news release about Sovaldi and Harvoni.

March 24

Daryl was quoted by The Vancouver Sun and The National Post.

April 2 — Vancouver, British Columbia

Daryl had a letter published by The Vancouver Sun about hepatitis C in BC and the importance of treatment access.

April 14 — Vancouver, British Columbia

Pacific Blue Cross Workplace Health Symposium
Daryl presented with Alnoor Ramji MD FRCP(C), Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Gastroenterology, UBC. They spoke on hep C treatment and management to help employers better understand how to support employees and the benefits new treatment options may offer.

May 7 – 8 — Vancouver, British Columbia

First Nations Health Authority’s Gathering Wisdom VII event

May 9 — Richmond, British Columbia

Daryl presented and participated in a panel discussion at the Richmond Centre for Disability‘s Invisible Illness Awareness Forum.

May — Ottawa, Ontario

Daryl was in Ottawa raising awareness and talking to MPs about hep C, screening guidelines, and new advances in therapies that can now cure hep C.

July 9 — Richmond, British Columbia

PHCN held an Advocacy Training and Planning Day for hepatitis C advocates from around BC.

July 21 — Victoria, British Columbia

Daryl traveled to Victoria to meet with government officials. He left feeling that the day included some good discussions and was very worthwhile.

July 28 — Vancouver, British Columbia

Daryl was quoted by BC’s Ministry of Health about Holkira Pak.

July 28 — Vancouver, British Columbia

World Hepatitis Day 2015
Spoke at the Vancouver World Hepatitis Day event at Creekside Community Centre on False Creek. Dr Darryl Plecas, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health, also spoke at this event, indicating great awareness of viral hepatitis in BC.

September 2 – 4 — Glasgow, Scotland

World Hepatitis Summit 2015
Daryl attended the World Hepatitis Summit as a representative for Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC). In his AHC role, Daryl presented about AHC and World Hepatitis Day, hosted a lunch for Canadian summit delegates, and took part in a consultation hosted by the Medicines Patent Pool.

September — Present

Daryl started writing for HepatitisC.net. His posts can be read online.

October 13 – 14 — Toronto, Ontario

Action Hepatitis Canada’s Advocacy Meeting
At the meeting Daryl and Cheryl Reitz, from HepC BC, spoke on hep C advocacy in BC.

October 20 — Windsor, England

Advocacy Meeting Sponsored by AbbVie
At this meeting, Daryl represented AHC. He may have been the only person representing those with hep C who has had the disease.

October 21 — Ottawa, Ontario, via webcam

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Lecture
Daryl was invited to speak to CIHR about advocacy as a member of CanHepC, a new group formed to address hep C issues in Canada.

November 11 – 12 — Vancouver, British Columbia

The 2nd International Hepatitis Cure & Eradication Conference
The meeting gathered hepatitis experts from different disciplines to learn how science can influence public policy to work to cure and eliminate hepatitis. Daryl was one of the meeting’s speakers.

December 4

The American Journal of Medicine (AJM)‘s exclusive hepatitis C interview with Daryl was published.

December 4

Daryl was featured in HCV New Drug Research‘s December newsletter.

Thank you Daryl and all of the hep C advocates who worked so hard in 2015 to speak up for those living with hep C!

Deb and Daryl, hep C advocates, at the 2nd International Hepatitis Cure & Eradication Conference, November 11 – 12, 2015.
Deb, PHCN’s Program Manager,  and Daryl at the 2nd International Hepatitis Cure & Eradication Conference, November 11 – 12, 2015. They are standing in the fourth row from the top. (Photo courtesy of the 2nd International Hepatitis Cure & Eradication Conference)