Hep C Treatment Stories

Treatment Stories logoHep C treatment stories from the edge can be written and submitted here.

The number of treatment stories has been growing during the past 5 years as thousands of people have participated in clinical trials for hepatitis C Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs). As data from these clinical trials continues to emerge, so do the personal treatment stories and experiences of people who have been treated with these new drugs.

PHCN is asking people who have been through these new treatments and who want to share their treatment stories and experiences to do so here.

You have forged the path and now we’re asking anyone who is interested to come back and tell others what the landmarks are – emotions, side effects, support, diet – whatever it was for you. Whatever your treatment stories with new hep C drugs are, if you would like to share it, we would love to hear it and share it on this website.

We can help with spelling and grammar after you submit your piece so, even if they are not your strengths, WRITE US YOUR STORY!!

Contact us with any questions.

Every story is unique. Thank you for considering to share yours.