The Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project has been Updated

The Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project has been updatedThe Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project has been updated. Our drug pipeline diagrams have been updated for the month of August, a page about the next generation of hepatitis C treatments and a page for the hep C treatment Epclusa have been added, and details about new and emerging clinical trials have been added to the Clinical Trials Currently Recruiting in Canada page.

For those not Living in Canada’s Major Cities

There are clinical trials currently or about to be looking for participates in cities beyond Canada’s major cities. If you are interested in clinical trials for hep C treatments, but don’t live in Toronto or Vancouver, this may be the time for you to wonder about participating in a clinical trial.

Examples of Canadian Cities Hosting Hep C Clinical Trials

  • Vancouver
  • Barrie
  • Belleville
  • Brampton
  • Calgary
  • North Bay
  • Ottawa
  • Quebec City
  • Regina
  • Toronto
  • Fredricton
  • Halifax
  • Hamilton
  • Moncton
  • Montreal
  • Saskatoon
  • Sherbrooke
  • Victoria
  • Westminster
  • Winnipeg
  • Abbotsford
  • Kingston
  • Mississauga
  • Newmarket
  • Prince George
  • Richmond Hill
  • Sault-Ste-Marie
  • Scarborough
  • St-Jerome

Wondering about Participating in Clinical Trials?

Those participating in clinical trials must meet certain criteria, and, in addition to taking the drugs, are asked to complete questionnaires and submit blood work and other lab results for research purposes. As well as a commitment to the course of treatment, there is also a time commitment to complete all of the data collection required as a participant in the clinical trial.

For those considering participating in clinical trials, talk with a health care provider you trust about your options. Try to gather as much research as you can, and talk with other people who have also participated in clinical trials.

More Information

Interested in clinical trials? Beyond the Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project’s Clinical Trials Currently Recruiting in Canada page, there is also addition information about clinical trials on our Considering Treatment page and our Participating in Clinical Trials page. is also a great resource and includes additional information about clinical trials being planned or taking place around the world.