AJM’s Hepatitis C Resource Center

AJM's Hepatitis C Resource CenterThe American Journal of Medicine (AJM)’s Hepatitis C Resource Center is a site made up of peer-reviewed content intended to help healthcare professionals. Its content (videos, article collections, and patient handouts/resources) is divided under five subject headings (Primary Care Providers; Hepatologists, Gastroenterologists & Infectious Disease Specialists; India Healthcare Professionals; Additional Resources; and Resource Center Blog).

Hep C Treatment Information at the AJM’s Hepatitis C Resource Center Includes:

  • Downloadable hep C screening and treatment guidelines from EASL, AASLD, and WHO;
  • PDFs of full-text articles and abstracts divided under the subject headings Editor’s Choice and Additional Readings;
  • Industry information

Hepatitis C Blog (Twitter HepCBlogAJM): The Newest Addition to AJM’s Hepatitis C Resource Center

With an increasing number of patients with hepatitis C, The American Journal of Medicine’s Hepatitis C Blog was created in February to support and foster communication. It was created to help health providers overcome challenges that are associated with increased demand for hep C care. Therefore, its content centers around screening, diagnosing, and treating.

Hepatitis C Treatment Blog Posts

A post that stuck out while skimming the blog posts was Key AASLD 2015 HCV Abstracts: Dr. Lebovics as it highlights a number of additional abstracts not mentioned in other reviews of The Liver Meeting 2015.

Some other blog posts about hep C treatment are:

The latest post is an interview with PHCN’s own Daryl Luster, a hep C advocate and educator. He is a person who lived with hep C, participated in a clinical trial, and was treated and cured.

The American Journal of Medicine (AJM)’s Interview with Daryl Luster

Using a question-answer format, the interview begins with the interviewer asking Daryl to share a bit about himself. Daryl shares about who he is and his convictions about the importance of access to treatment, birth cohort screening, community, and primary care. He shares about his advocacy work and his work with those who have been touched by hepatitis C internationally, Canada, and in America. With the expertise that has come with that, he expresses opinions when asked about subjects such as challenges associated with hepatitis C in the U.S. and treatment costs.

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