A Hep C Advocate’s February

AdvocacyAs the month changes and we look ahead to warmer seasons full of hope and promise, the Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project wanted to look back and highlight some of the work done last month by one of our hep C advocates.

The following is a collection of meetings and events that Daryl Luster, hep C advocate and president of PHCN, was a part of:

February 5-6 — Toronto, Ontario
Advocacy training and advisory board meetings with representatives from the Canadian Liver Foundation, Hemophilia Society, Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC), Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC), HepCBC, as well as other groups from across Canada.

February 10 — Toronto, Ontario
Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC) Steering Committee Meeting
Action Hepatitis Canada is a group that unites organizations and individuals to focus increased attention on the response to hepatitis B and C–diseases that negatively affect the quality of life of up to 600,000 Canadians and their families, friends, caregivers, and communities.

February 11-12 — Toronto, Ontario
A meeting entitled ‘National Deliberative Dialogue on Integrated HCV Programming and Services‘ with CATIE
As part of day two discussions, ‘Addressing Different Realities and Priorities: A Population-Level Discussion’, Daryl presented on the older adult population and participated in a panel discussion, which included presentations from four distinct population groups—indigenous, older adult, immigrant, and people who inject drugs (PWID). A report is to follow.

February 24 — Richmond, British Columbia
A meeting with representatives from UBC’s Faculty of Science regarding PHCN‘s participation in supporting research that impacts the HCV community. Daryl shared his own HCV experience and that of people in the community.

February 24-26 — Richmond, British Columbia
PHCN participated in a conference entitled ‘Frontline Support Workers’ Conference‘ put on by Pacific AIDS Network and CATIE.

February 26-March 1 — Banff, Alberta
Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC)‘s executive meeting and CATIE‘s learning institute meetings
The objective of these meetings was to identify key messages and information from a symposium on HCV, as well as sharing perspectives with participants. Daryl presented on the meeting’s last day.

February 27 — Banff, Alberta
4th Canadian Symposium on HCV
Symposium theme: ‘Strategies to Manage HCV Infection in Canada: Moving Towards a National Action Plan’.
Daryl presented in his roles with Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC) and PHCN. His talk was entitled ‘The role for Patient Advocacy in building a Canadian HCV action plan‘.

In addition, Daryl’s February was filled with additional meetings with researchers and health care providers, including physicians, nurses, and front-line workers, about such topics as harm reduction.